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Food Safety Testing

100% Accurate Food Safety Testing

100% Accurate Food Safety Testing for Dangerous Microbes, Done in a Certified Lab

Turnaround Time is 10 business days from receipt of your samples.

Food safety tests are done to ensure your product is edible using microbiological analysis. Depending on the ingredients in your recipe, we will recommend for which microbes to test. Some of the most common microbes for which we test are here:

  • Staphylococcus aureus (Staph. Aureus)
  • Salmonella
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)
  • Listeria
  • Mold

We do not test for pathogens or food that has been intentionally contaminated. Food safety tests are done to prevent food poisoning outbreaks and so the food needs to be tested under normal conditions.

To conduct this analysis you would ship a sample of your food product to us and we will perform the test. Please see below for more details on ‘How it Works.

  • The cost is $275, and covers all 5 pathogens.
  • We will need a 4-ounce sample of the finished product, packaged in a non-breakable, sterilized, sealed container, to be received at our laboratory Monday thru Friday only.

You  will receive a report which will indicate whether any of the 5 microbes were detected.  Additional confirmation testing is available to confirm growing bacteria for $100.

Food Safety Testing for a variety of industries

We help entrepreneurs and companies get their products to markets safely.

We provide certified Food Safety Testing For Food Manufacturers, Retail and Food Service, Farmers and Growers, Dietary Supplements, Importers & Exporters, Pet Food and Pet Food treats.

Food Safety Testing


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More Info on Food Safety Testing

What Is A Food Safety Test?

When consumers are purchasing food, safety is an expectation and an assumption. However, keeping food safe is not always a simple or easy task, and for many foods, there are inherent risks that have to be managed. For this reason, food and beverage businesses implement and monitor many safety measures – like good (hygenic?) manufacturing practices, food safety plans, quality control programs, food safety testing, and inspections – to make sure that the food we eat is safe.

There are many ways in which food can become unsafe and which you, as a producer, must constantly guard against. Foreign material (i.e., anything that shouldn’t be in the food, like metal, wood, or plastic) can occasionally make its way into a product. Pests can infest or contaminate a product, and chemical residues from pesticides or equipment can make a product unfit and unsafe. Some foods even come with inherent risks like small bones that need to be removed, or toxins that can occur naturally in the food. All of these aspects need to be taken into account, but there is another risk – one that we often can’t see, but that is a major threat to food safety – that needs to be considered: pathogenic microorganisms.


Microorganisms, or microbes, are a major issue for food manufacturers and can pose a serious threat to your consumers and your company. While not all microbes are harmful, there are certain ones that can cause illness and death, and that are not at all uncommon in agricultural settings and food production facilities. They can enter foods or beverages because of improper cleaning, unsanitary packaging or transportation. They can also be passed on by the workers handling the food. Even a tiny contamination can become a huge problem if the processes that are meant to kill or control microorganisms fail. For example, sometimes bacteria are present at low levels in raw foods, but a cooking process that is meant to destroy them falls short, and they are allowed to survive and grow to unsafe levels. Alternatively, a low pH or water activity might change during storage, allowing an initially small number of microorganisms to flourish and spoil the food. Because these types of microbial problems are usually invisible to the eye, it’s possible that a dangerous problem may remain invisible as well.

Food Safety Testing with RL Food Testing Laboratory

If you suspect there may be problems regarding the microbial safety of your food or beverage product, food safety testing is an absolute necessity. RL Food Testing Laboratory can help you determine if your product is safe, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your customers are receiving safe, wholesome food. Food safety testing can be complicated – but don’t worry, our representatives will help walk you through the process. This includes a consultation to help you determine what type of food safety testing your product needs, based on which microorganisms are able to grow in your food or beverage. After testing is done, you’ll receive a complete report from the microbiologist at our food testing lab, letting you know the results of the food safety test as well as the implications for your product. With RL Food Testing Laboratory, your food safety testing can be easy, quick, and most importantly, accurate – so you can be confident in the food you work hard to produce.

How It Works

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Fill Out Lab Information Form

After we receive your payment, we will email you our Lab Product Information Form.

Please fill out the form and include it with your samples.

Ship Your Samples and Form

You will need to ship 4oz of finished product to our lab.

Download the instructions on how to prepare and ship your samples to the lab:

FedEx or UPS / 1 or 2 day air
No glass containers, please
If refrigerated, pack with cold packs
Include your completed Lab Information Form.

We will email your results and explanation

You’ll receive a lab report showing your results at the end of each testing point and an explanation provided by our staff Microbiologist.

Please allow 10 business days.



What You Get

Food Safety Testing & Report

We conduct a complete food safety test of your product in our certified lab. You will receive your results report in a PDF file.

Explanation of Results

Our staff Microbiologist will provide an explanation of your findings, making your lab report easy to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions on pet food guaranteed analysis

Why is a food safety test important?

While cooking and proper preparation of food eliminates most bacteria and viruses, there are other ways in which contamination may occur, such as from improper handling or packaging. The food safety test tells you if the food is free of Salmonella, Listeria, and other common harmful microorganisms that may contaminate a food and make it unsafe to eat.

How is food safety testing different than a shelf life test?

The food safety test is a one-time test done on a single sample. In contrast, shelf life testing is performed on several samples at timed intervals.

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