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Canadian Food Nutrition Facts Labels

100% Accurate CFIA Compliant Food Label Fact Panel
Health Canada Compliant

We Provide Canadian Food Nutrition Facts Labels That Are 100% Accurate and Health Canada Approved

Your recipes are safe with us! All clients receive a declaration of confidentiality of their proprietary information in our Statement of Work.

Turnaround on Canadian Nutrition Labels is 3-5 business days from the time we receive payment and your completed recipe template (maybe longer for large orders).

Did you know that Canadian Nutrition Label requirements differ from the US? They must be produced differently to keep compliant with Health Canada, the division of the Canadian government that handles food and nutrition guidelines.

We will conduct a database analysis of your food product’s recipe, which will produce a Health Canada approved nutrition label file. We can provide your fact label in English, French or bi-lingual French and English.

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Canadian Nutrition Labels
  • Data-based Analysis
  • Ingredients Statement
  • Allergen Statement
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How It Works

Ordering your Nutrition Facts Labels is easy. When you are ready just follow these 3 easy steps….

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Fill Out Template

After we receive your payment, we’ll email you our recipe template for you to fill out with your recipe’s details. 

Our nutrition labeling experts will be able to answer any questions you may have while filling out the template.

We Email Your FIles

Your nutrition labels will be emailed to you in a file that you can download and print or incorporate them into your food label.

*Vector file conversion available for an additional fee.



Our Price Includes the Following

Health Canada Compliant Nutrition Label File

Fact Panel available in English, French or Bi-Lingual.

*French and bi-lingual ingredient and allergen statements are not available.

Servings Size Determination

We will help determine the Serving Size and Number of Servings per Container.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions on Canadian food labeling

When did Canada pass their regulations on food labeling?

The Food and Drugs Act, passed in 2003, clearly outlines labeling requirements of food products sold in Canada. Nutrition labeling became mandatory for all prepackaged foods sold in Canada on December 12, 2007. Click here for more details on Canadian Food Labeling provided by the Canadian government.

What is the difference between FDA nutrition labels and Canadian?

Some of the differences between U.S. and Canadian food labeling are: units of measure and bilingual requirements in western provinces (Canadian English, Canadian French, and Canadian Bilingual featuring French and English).

How do I determine the “serving size” for my product when having a Nutrition Fact Label produced for the Canadian market?

Serving Sizes can be found in the following table under Reference Amounts and Serving Sizes.

Can I use the same Nutrition Fact Label for Canada as I would use for the US

Unfortunately not, the label requirements are different for each country. Some differences include: variant rounding rules, different ingredient statement, allergen statement, and format requirements. Also both countries have their own established Daily Values.

Are there any foods that are “prohibited” from displaying a Canadian Nutrition Facts Label?

Yes, the following foods are prohibited from displaying a Canadian Nutrition Facts Label and have their own nutrition labeling requirements:

* formulated liquid diets
* infant formula
* foods containing infant formula
* meal replacements
* nutritional supplements; (that meet the requirements of section B.24.201, FDR)
* foods represented or use in very low energy diets

B.24.201 FDR: Meal replacements to which milk, partially skim milk or skim milk is to be added, must carry a statement that the nutrient content of the food has been determined taking into consideration the milk, partially skim milk or skim milk that is to be added according to the directions of use. foods represented for use in very low energy diets.

Am I required to provide the Nutrition Facts Label, Ingredient Statement and Allergen Statement on my Canadian Nutrition Facts Label?

No, only the Nutrition Facts Label and Ingredient Statement are required in Canada.

Do all foods Canadian food products require a Nutrition Facts Label?

No, not all foods require a Nutrition Facts Label. In fact the following list of foods do not require one: Fresh vegetables and fruits, raw meat and poultry (except when the meat is ground), Raw fish and seafood, foods prepared or processed at the store (bakery items, salads, etc.), foods such as coffee, tea, herbs and spices because they contain very few nutrients and alcoholic beverages.

Why RL Food Testing?

Your recipes are safe with us!

All clients receive a declaration of confidentiality in our Statement of Work.

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