Pet Food Guaranteed Analysis testing in the RLFT Certified Lab provides the Pet Food Labeling required to be AAFCO compliant

Guaranteed Analysis of Pet Food for AAFCO-Compliant Labels

Turnaround is approximately 14 business days from the time our lab receives your samples.

Pet Food Analysis is most accurate when a certified lab tests using Guaranteed Analysis to produce the required pet food labeling. You will submit a sample of your dog, cat or pet food product to our lab for pet food nutrition analysis and testing.

Pet food needs to follow the food labeling guidelines of the AAFCO. The AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials) is the FDA equivalent for pet & animal food labeling. For more information about AAFCO and Pet Food Nutrition Labeling, click here

The test results of your pet food analysis will be the AAFCO required Guaranteed Analysis, the pet food labeling standard. Your Guaranteed Analysis pet food label includes:

  • Minimum Crude Fat
  • Minimum Crude Protein
  • Maximum Fiber
  • Maximum Moisture
  • Kcal Content
  • ASH
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How It Works

Ordering your Nutrition Facts Labels is easy. When you are ready just follow these 3 easy steps....


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Fill out Lab Information form

After we receive your payment, we’ll email you our Lab Product Information Form.

Please fill out the form and include it with your samples. 

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Ship your Samples and Form

Ship your Samples and Form

You will need to ship 4 - 5 oz of finished product to our lab.

Download the instructions on how to prepare and ship your samples to the lab:  

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Fedex or UPS / 1 or 2 day air
No glass containers, please
If refrigerated, pack with cold packs
Include your completed Lab Information Form.


We’ll email your results and explanation.

You’ll receive a lab report showing your results at the end of each testing point and an explanation provided by our staff Microbiologist.


Please allow 10 business days.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions at any time during the process, just give us a call 7-days-a-week!

What You Get

Lab Pet Food Analysis & Report

Lab Pet Food Analysis & Report

We conduct a complete lab analysis of your pet food in our certified lab. You will receive your results in a PDF file 100-gram nutrition report.

Pet Food Label Files

Pet Food Label Files

Also included is your Guaranteed Analysis pet food label

Listing minimum crude fat, minimum crude protein, maximum fiber, maximum moisture

*Files available in JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF or PNG upon request

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are my recipes safe from public use and view?
RL Food Testing destroys all recipes once the work is complete and provides you with signed and dated non-disclosure agreement protecting you.
Do I need to list any other Guarantees for nutrients?
If you are making additional claims on your pet food label, such as high in calcium, then you would need to include those nutrients in your Guarantees.
What are the minimum requirements for listing the Guaranteed Analysis?
Minimum percent of crude protein and crude fat, and the maximum percent of crude fiber and moisture are the only required nutrients by the AAFCO for pet food labeling.
What does ‘Crude’ refer to?
Crude refers to the analysis method, not the quality of the nutrient.
What is AAFCO?
According to their website, The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies.