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Proposed FDA Nutrition
Label Changes

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FDA Proposed Changes to Nutrition Facts Label

FDA proposed changes to nutrition labels comparedThe nation is talking and the government is responding to demands for better nutrition disclosure from food manufacturers.

The FDA has officially announced an evaluation of the current nutrition fact label is underway and is now requesting comments from the public on their recommended changes.
RL Food Testing will be providing input to the FDA proposed changes to Nutrition Facts Labels during the comment period and look forward to helping our customers get into compliance as quickly as we are able once the FDA approves the new format.
There is a great deal of detail surrounding these changes. We have taken a shot at summarizing the facts and will continue to provide up to date information on this important FDA rule change.
Here are some questions and answers that may interest you related to this topic:

Who is making the proposed changes to Nutrition Facts Labels?

The FDA is ultimately responsible for finalizing the nutrition label rules. The changes are made based on input from the public. The proposed rules are being published in the Federal Register. The Federal Register is a daily publication of the US federal government that issues proposed and final administrative regulations of federal agencies.

Now that the FDA has made the announcement, what is the next step?

The public is able to comment on the proposed changes over the next 93 days beginning March 3 – June 2, 2014.
Once comments are received, the FDA will take the comments under consideration and then issue a final Nutrition Fact Label Rules.

comment now boxCan I personally comment on these proposed changes to Nutrition Fact Label?

Yes you can. You can access the link at this url: Once there, click on the blue “comment now” box, at the top right column, and follow the directions.

If it passes, when will this take affect?

The FDA is proposing that once the final ruling is issued, they will allow for a 60 day implementation period for companies, labs and software developers to get ready for the changes. After the 60 day period, food manufacturers will have 2 years to get their product labels into compliance.

According to the FDA, the proposed changes can be grouped into three categories:

1. Changes based on new nutrition science
2. Updated serving size requirements and labeling for certain packages
3. Refreshed design

What are some of the main proposed changes under these (3) categories?

1. Changes based on new nutrition science
• Requiring the declaration of “Added Sugars”
• Removing the requirement declaration of “Calories from Fat”
• Revising the nutrients of public health significance that must be declared on the label (requiring declaration of Potassium and Vitamin D, and removing the requirement declaration of Vitamin A and Vitamin C)
• Revised Daily Values for certain nutrients (Examples include calcium, sodium, dietary fiber and vitamin D)

2. Updated serving size requirements and labeling for certain packages
• Updating the reference values used by manufacturers to set serving sizes to make them more realistic, to better reflect what people realistically eat and drink today.
• Also proposing that some food products that were previously labeled as more than one serving be labeled as a single serving – to better reflect what people typically consume at one time. (for example: 24oz can of soda)

3. Refreshed design
• Highlighting calories of foods.
• Moving % DV to the left to better highlight.
• Declaring the actual amount, along with the %DV for vitamins and minerals.
• Changing the Amount per Serving to “Amount per” following by a household measurement.
• Abbreviating Total Carbs and indenting Added Sugars under Sugars.
• Swapping the order of Serving Size and Servings Per Container.
• Right justifying the actual amounts of serving size information.
• Removing the footnote that explains Daily Values.

Click here for the FDA’s What’s Different Info-graphic

Additionally, there will be a separate comment solicitation on Supplement Facts labels.

RL Food Testing Laboratory has a dedicated staff to research and participate in this important commentary period of the FDA’s proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts Label. Check back for important updates.

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