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Selling to Whole Foods

Selling to Whole Foods

A Step by Step Guide to Selling to Whole Foods Market

Many of our customers at RL Food Testing Laboratory dream of getting their new food product into a bit retailer like Whole Foods Market but they just don’t know where to start. They often ask for our advice and we find that it is much more than we can say in a 2 minute reply. So, we decided to write a series of books for folks that are new to the food business and need some direction on how to go about approaching these big retailers…it’s really not that difficult. In fact you might be surprised as to how fundamentally simple it can be.

Do you have a natural food product and want to get it into Whole Foods Market but don’t know where to start?

This book will show you how our friend, Jamie, got her Peanut Butter Bars into Whole Foods Market.
Working with big retailers can seem daunting, but this book takes you on Jamie’s step by step journey that helps simplify the process. We have included lots of HOT TIPS, which we learned while researching this book – many of which even wowed us.